You need a website. I build websites.

So far so good.

I was once told that a website is your shop on a street called The Internet. And it’s true.
So when you see a shop window that’s unkempt or a little musty-looking, would you walk in? Or would you go a bit further up the road to the sparkling, interesting shop that offers the same thing for the same price??

There is no magic formula to building websites. But with my IP and Internet knowledge and design techniques combined with your ideas and ambitions for your business, together we can build a bright new presence on the web. Websites need to be able to work across all platforms, and mine will as standard.

It’s important that before we even start thinking about design and functionality, I familiarise myself with your business; how it works, its nuances and its ambitions and approach toward customers. Then we can create something that will make your customers’ website experience a unique and memorable one.

So no matter what kind of website you need for your business, please get in touch. I would be happy to have a chat!


Business Website/Brochure Website

A business or Brochure a website is that’s devoted to representing a specific business,  just a like you would print a brochure in the good old days.

eCommerce Website

An online shop which allows potential customers to buy your product. This is a bit more complex than people may think, and it does require work from your side if you choose to administer your own site.

Portfolio websites

These are websites devoted to showing examples of past work, and are a personal favourite of mine to visit!

Personal websites

These can be blogs or similar to Boucher sites. They are the individuals who would like to have an online presence. These do not need to be permanent sites; for example, maybe you want to have a temporary site for your wedding or a special holiday.

So what will you need to create any of these? This is a quick list to get you thinking:


  • Domain name
  • Hosting (with database)
  • Email
  • Payment gateway (eCommerce)
  • SSL certificate (this makes http to https it is really important)
  • Basic SEO
  • AND ME

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